BCCJ Youth Council

The BCCJ Youth Council is the alumni board for youth who participate in InIt (The Leadership Initiative).  The Council meets monthly to advise BCCJ on youth programs, provide leadership for future youth activities, and help keep other alumni connected and involved with BCCJ.
The Youth Council meets once a month on Friday from 4:00-6:00 pm.

Current Youth Council Members:

  • Evan Kelner-Levine - Boston Latin School
  • Kristen Rosa - The Winsor School
  • Clara Kliman-Silver - The Winsor School
  • Gail Waterhouse - Milton Acadmey
  • Will Newman-Wise - Milton Academy
  • Lily Wong - Belmont High School
  • Reann Gibson - The Winsor School
  • Gabi Leyton Nolan - Boston Latin School
  • Terrell James - Chelsea High School
  • Kattie Dwyer - Chelsea High School
  • Bernadine Dsanges - Academy of the Pacific Rim
  • Jay Cottle - Boston Arts Acadmey