LeadBoston, our flagship adult program, strengthens the leadership of mid to senior-level professionals who wish to advance social justice in our region. Participants explore our social fabric, social policy, and dynamics of prejudice, power, and inclusion. LeadBoston opens with an overnight retreat in September, and continues through June with one program day a month. Applications for LeadBoston are now available. more >>



Business Network

The BCCJ Business Network links companies who support the work of BCCJ and want to connect with other socially responsible professionals. The Network meets three times a year for short programs and networking.
Full membership includes tuition for BCCJ’s LeadBoston program.more >>


Leadership Initiative

BCCJ Leadership Initiative (formerly known as AnyTown), our flagship youth program, is BCCJ’s social justice camp that brings together high school students from many different backgrounds for a week-long leadership retreat. Young people engage in dialogues, workshops and exercises that focus on understanding prejudice and oppression at all levels, honing skills that create acceptance, and building the commitment to lead.Staff applications are now available . more >>


BCCJ Alumni Network

BCCJ Alumni Network catalyzes the BCCJ alumni network, connecting graduates with one another and with BCCJ so we can advance social justice in Greater Boston. more >>


BCCJ Youth Council
The BCCJ Youth Council is the alumni board for youth who participate in BCCJ Leadership Initiative, Club Remix, LeadYoungBoston, and any other BCCJ activities.  The Council meets monthly to advise BCCJ on youth programs, provide leadership for future youth activities, and help keep other alumni connected and involved with BCCJ. more >>


United Youth in Leadership (Club Remix)

With a shared goal of empowering young leaders in Boston, BCCJ and the Boys and Girls Club of Boston have partnered to train members of the Boys and Girls Clubs, particularly youth staff at the Clubs and members of the Keystone Leaders Program. These young leaders are given an opportunity to enhance their leadership skills and create connections between diverse students throughout our region through participation in BCCJ Leadership Initiative and other specially designed BCCJ programs that build on our proven curricula.

Friday Night Social Justice Flicks

On the first Friday of the month, BCCJ Leadership Initiative Alumni gather for dinner, movie and discussion of social justice themes presented in film. The Flicks are not open to the public, but BCCJ youth may bring one guest. more >>