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LeadBoston develops leaders who can help make Greater Boston a more socially just community. The program unites mid to senior level professionals from diverse backgrounds and businesses. We meet once a month from September to June. For a list of the Class of 2008, click here.

LeadBoston aims to create changemakers. Connecting issues of social policy and prejudice, we explore social policy areas like housing, immigration, jobs, and education, and consider themes like responsibility, equity, freedom, and community. We travel across Boston to professional and community settings, meeting with well-known figures and unsung heroes.

Program days take LeadBoston all over the City, and sometimes into surrounding communities as well. The program begins with a look at Boston as a context for social justice and then takes an inward focus at our opening retreat, where we examine our individual leadership styles and the lenses we bring from our personal backgrounds. Then we proceed through the year to examine a wide range of issues, drawing on the interests and networks of members of the class. We also respond to local and world events – elections, media controversies, economic shifts, legislative agendas, neighborhood news – so that our learning is as current as possible. For snapshots of current program days, click here.

LeadBoston supports participants in making new leadership commitments, both during the course of program and also as members of the LB Alumni Association. The program moves organically from a focus on learning to a focus on action – so that members of the class have new personal and group initiatives underway by graduation in June.