The BCCJ Approach to Leadership Development

In our leadership development programs, BCCJ works to call forth the strengths of individuals. BCCJ starts from the inside, from the self. Our programs blend, in different proportions, engagement with two primary domains: stereotypes and oppression on one hand, and public policy and social structures on the other.

BCCJ supports and challenges people as they explore these complex intersections of personal and social dynamics. Over the course of LeadBoston, The Leadership Initiative, and our other leadership programs, diverse groups of people work together to uncover their personal stake in creating social justice. As minds open, they build new visions of communities transformed.

With these insights into social justice, the journey that started by exploring the self moves to the challenge of offering leadership in the world. BCCJ’s networks of engaged alumni, both youth and adults, can then work together beyond graduation to advance social justice in Greater Boston and beyond.