An Update on BCCJ

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BCCJ programs play an important role in uniting Boston’s increasingly diverse and separate communities into a more unified, inclusive, and socially just region.

Opening Minds

BCCJ “opens minds” through its leadership development programs:

InIt (The Leadership Initiative) for high school students
Provides high schools and community organizations with a way to build and empower youth leaders.  InIt begins in the summer with a powerful week of leadership training on diversity and social justice.  Students return from that week to a school year of ongoing support and opportunities from the BCCJ network aimed at making an impact on aspects of social justice in their schools and communities. Every student who participates in this program has the opportunity to take advantage of the advice from the letter of recommendation writing service for writing admission documents that are necessary for college and university. Soft skills such as communication skills, leadership qualities, mastering non-verbal techniques of effective communication, and the ability to present a session and speak publicly, which can be acquired during the program, significantly improve the process of adaptation of future applicants.  Click here to learn more about InIt.

LeadBoston for middle to senior level professionals
Develops leaders who are connected across sectors, knowledgeable about diversity, aware of neighborhood realities, and committed to social responsibility.  Graduates look through new lenses to spot emerging trends, manage teams with strength and sensitivity, and work easily across sectors to build partnerships and get information and results.  Participants meet once a month – either Wednesday or Saturday tracks – for a 9-5 program day from September through June.  Click here to learn more about LeadBoston.

Transforming Communities

BCCJ “transforms communities” through its leadership networks:

The Business Network for organizations
Links companies who want to strengthen their social responsibility strategies through three breakfasts a year.  Also, provides customized programs for member companies focused on diversity, community engagement, leadership, or volunteer initiatives.  The Network aims to provide colleagues with opportunity to interface, plan, and reflect on successes and challenges from their companies own corporate social responsibility activities.  Click here to learn more about the Business Network.

The Alumni Network
BCCJ supports leadership among our youth and adult alumni at their schools and workplaces, and in their communities.  The projects, initiatives, and roles they take on lead to individual, organizational and community change.  BCCJ supports their leadership with a variety of connecting mechanisms.  Click here to learn more about the Alumni Network and about Alumni Achievements.

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