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Boston-Haifa Learning Exchange

BCCJ is excited to announce the Boston-Haifa Leadership Exchange (BHLE), an intercultural program designed to develop your leadership in a global context and increase your ability to lead locally. The Boston-Haifa Leadership Exchange is a program in collaboration with the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) and Council of Volunteer Organizations in Haifa, Israel.  

As a participant of the Boston-Haifa Exchange, you have the opportunity to deepen your understanding of social justice with participants of the LeadHaifa program, which is modeled after LeadBoston. Leadership Exchange participants explore pressing social policy issues and approaches to leadership in their respective societies.

Boston participants of the BHLE develop:  

BHLE Program and Travel

Participation includes:

 **The full program calendar is available in the application*

BHLE Application and Costs

Applicants must submit a completed application with includes a resume, personal statement, and cover sheet. Applications are available here. The Leadership Exchange application deadline is Friday, October 8, 2011.  
Cost for program participation is $2000.

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