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___- Evaluation Strategy
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Evaluation Strategy

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BCCJ’s people are our impact.  Our alumni are woven into the leadership fabric of Greater Boston.  Regina Pisa leads Goodwin Procter to expand both its business and its diversity strategies.  David Ortiz works to increase voter turnout through MassVOTE.  Tim Ferguson founds Next Street Financial to provide access to capital and advice to urban businesses.  Renee Inomata serves as the first chair of the Governor’s Asian American Advisory Commission. If you want to become part of the BCCJ’s team, please send us documents that confirm your personality, education, qualification level, work experience, and participation in social initiatives. After you pass the first stage of selection, immediately start preparing for the interview and passing the test, the requirements for writing an interview essay can be found at the https://essaysleader.com/write-an-interview-essay/, and if you need to use the help of professionals, this will increase the probability of employment.

InIt alumni provide similar leadership as youth.  Hector Kilgoe serves on the Board of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston.  Irene Jor works to help City Year open in Miami.  DanThuy Chu represents her neighborhood on Mayor Menino’s Youth Council and starts a girls group at Boston Latin Academy.  At Beaver Country Day School, alumni like Maeve Williams are Social Action Leaders, raising awareness among the entire student body.

These snapshots tell only part of the story.  BCCJ began enhancing its approach to evaluation in early 2008 and is now in the early stages of data collection under this newly focused framework.  Below is an overview of the promising results that BCCJ has captured.

Leadership Development
measured at graduation

BCCJ works to deepen program participants’ leadership capacity in the four key areas that serve as a basis for socially responsible leadership.

LeadBoston participants showed a 28% increase across all 4 target leadership capacities.  InIt participants showed a 42% increase across all 4 target leadership capacities. Increases in capacity are measured through a self-assessment tool at the completion of each program.  All increases showed significant difference at a 95% confidence interval.

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Leadership Demonstration
measured at 9 & 18 months after graduation

Through its public scorecard, BCCJ measures ways its alumni take leadership in both their public and personal spheres.



[Click Here to download the evaluation strategy overview]

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